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Alphanumeric: (A-Z)

5ra 5rb 5rc 5rd 5re 5rf 5rg 5rh 5ri 5rj 5rk 5rl 5rm 5rn 5ro 5rp 5rq 5rr 5rs 5rsch 5rsh 5rt 5ru 5rv 5rw 5rx 5ry 5rz

  Numeric: (0-9)

5r0 5r1 5r2 5r3 5r4 5r5 5r6 5r7 5r8 5r9

Umlaute: (Ä,Ö,Ü)

5rä 5rö 5rü

Wordsplit: (Minus,Dot)

5r- 5r.